March 2021


she remains sane, her dementia undiagnosed, is busy idling in the reminiscence of little things forgotten; even so, hammered to Earth by the beat of the drum, she is out of herself, is deformed, revived, and persists uncaught in Faraway Land.


是沒有歷史的 潰爛的 盛開的傷花
是一息使人幻醉 熟透的醇郁的氧
是雙重翻譯後所提純 本同與末異的不明曖昧
是夜裡不得不以血案還眼 判處牠存在的蚊蟲
是被拓印在流沙上一隻游離的鷹 展翅而永成化石
是早已親手由一磚一瓦替新 砌合
是久已大成 已終結 是不容反思的
——因反思要依戀 依戀要遺憾 遺憾終得再造


to expire in slow motion, till time, ramping down, is decomposed into dusts infinitely small, that there is no time at all, for time is smothered, by stretches of time, un-becoming white noise, and terminally, i will be refreshed, for once and forever, i’ll be paralyzed, caught up, in a rupture that is waning instant by instant, and with my very own end, is postponed till earlier, a hush...

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