Everyone missed it when the bitumen drips after nine years a wait. The camera was offline, and the professors on coffee break. One passed away later without ever seeing the result of his lifelong research in proving that some solid are actually liquid with an unimaginably high viscosity.
As to the cosmos, some say it happened with an explosion. But I propose that we must look further ahead to recognize that the part with the “Bang” is only the ball part of a single drip. Dripping. We are still dripping along. Together, and alone. Our lives, drips of a drip. The reverberation of the initial drip. To Him the efforts are unseen. For what is dripping when the context is pond? What is flowing when the context is ocean? What is living when the context is universe? To Him all is but one experiment to prove that what appears insentient can be animated with currents unseen. What is solely unbeknownst to all-knowing Him. What we know, though we are ignorant Us.
But what can I wish for more than that He shall not nap out of fatigue or boredom at that moment when the drip shall be complete? That he may recognize the meaningfulness of 13 billion years (and more) so that we all – humanity and a rock and all – will be worthy of the initial investigation......


Directed and edited by Johanna Xue
Score by Alex Wakim
Written by Jade Lien
Narrated by Lynette Chen

Footage from Discovery Channel and Trinity College Dublin

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