Hello. What's up? I love you. Just kidding... I hope you're doing well.
My name is JadeJade LienJade Lien. I was born in New York, NY. New York, NY, 1999, and grew up in TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan.
As a creator...
creator, I have experimented with different artistic mediums including film, photography, writingwriting, and digital art, with the goal.. goal of finding new visuals and ideas in an era where "originality is dead" is itself a clichéd term. Poetry is the basis of my work my work, technology the tool I use to create. Through them, I seek to discover original perspectives hidden and thriving in the "blind-spots" of our world.
I write / function / create in both English and Mandarin

激進派無邪天真份子 (radical innocent) / 喝水醉人、理性瘋子
出生在20世紀的最後一個月 人生目標是活超過三個世紀